About Us

Dominion Consult And Health Care Services also known as Dominion Consult located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) & in Brampton. We are a fasting growing agency dedicated and committed to serving our community by providing holistic and sustainable health care, aimed at bringing our clients to their highest level of functioning.
Dominion Consult And Health Care Services offers a unique combination of health care staffing and health care educational training & certification. Consumers of our services will be those individuals and families with developmental disabilities (Mental & Physical), learning disorders, behavioral disorders, and other health related issues.

Our agency has already developed an excellent reputation with many other agencies such as Toronto Police Services (for staff vulnerable check), health care agencies, schools training students to becoming health care workers (e.g. Dominion College Of Business, Health and Technology Inc), Canadian Red Cross (as a Qualified Instructor & Training Partner with Red Cross), Safe Management Group (as a Qualified Instructor), Crisis Prevention & Intervention Institute (as a Qualified Instructor) and College Of Nurses of Ontario (as a Qualified Nurse, and job placement for nurses).

Dominion Consult is a member, an affiliate and/or a training partner of the following institutions

  • Dominion College Of Business, Health And Technology Inc
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Safe Management Group
  • Crisis Prevention & Intervention Institute
  • Ontario Association of Developmental Disabilities (OADD)
  • College of Nurses, Ontario

Want to learn more? Get in touch on: 647 502 0768 or email us