Corporate Statements

Our Vision

To provide empathetic, culturally sensitive and compassionate quality of care using critical thinking, critical self-reflection, selfless commitment & educational empowerment as her solid base.

Our Mission Statement

Dominion Consult & Health Care Services mission is to provide holistic health care services tailored at bringing the people we serve to their full potentials as possible through well-educated staff involvement and continuous staff training empowerment.

This is achieved through:

  1. Empowering our team on how to carryout sustainable health care services
  2. Promoting safety with dignity and respect to our client
  3. Providing empathetic, culturally sensitive care and compassionate care.
  4. Improving our client’s quality of life using sensitive and understanding manner.
  5. Encouraging clients’ self-respect.
  6. Honoring clients’ right to autonomy or self determination.
  7. Assisting clients with social reintegration.
  8. Providing services to our clients that require help with their daily needs in the homes, facilities and the communities.
  9. Continuing training through seminars, conferences and certifications renewals.


Value Statement

Our value based on our vision and mission statements is to strive to offer excellent and affordable home health care and community-based social services to individuals and families in the GTA’s in particular and Canada at large.

To arrange a no strings attached care needs assessment with one of our trained advisors, kindly send us an email at If your enquiry is of an urgent nature, or if you would rather speak to someone directly, please call our dedicated central enquiries on
(647) 502-0768 or (647) 352-7228

Want to learn more? Get in touch on: 647 502 0768 or email us