Our Team

Our team/staffs are competent, caring, and well-trained individuals who are responsive to the needs of our clients, their families, and the communities we serve. Each staff member of Dominion Consult And Health Care Services have met the Ontario educational and training requirements for the services they provide, in addition to the hands-on skills they have acquired over the years. Moreover, Dominion Consult And Health Care Services encourages and support her staff with continued education, an inviting work environment, trustworthy management and direction.

Dominion Consult And Health Services use well-qualified staffs in meeting the needs of our clients and the company we are working for. The aforementioned has empowered our staffs in providing the holistic and sustainable health care that is our driving force.

Our staffs provide individualized care that encircles critical thinking, critical self-reflection, culturally sensitive, selfless commitment and confidentiality.
Dominion Consult is made up of staff members with maximum education and/or training, experience, and communication skills; we have on staff: RN (Registered Nurse), RPN (Registered Practical Nurse), DSW (Developmental Support Worker), PSW (Personal Support Worker), and certification in other health related disciplines.

Our staff members possesses valid driver’s license, Valid S.I.N (Social Insurance Number), and the legal right to work in Canada. Our Support Personnel annual up-to-date medical and police report are kept on our agency’s file.

Staff Certification

Dominion Consult has its own certified instructors who train both the agency staff and other health care workers in: First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Safe Management, CPI, Safe Food Handling, Safe Medication Administration (Pharmacology), Developmental Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Disorder, WHMIS, Proper Body Mechanics, Safety Awareness, Palliative Care, Restorative Care, Vital Signs, and Stress Management.


Staff Availability/Flexibility

Our support personnel are available 24/7, flexible to mobility, acts professionally and uses good judgment and tact with clients and their family members; they also work well with other staff and are also good team players. We at Dominion Consult count on the punctuality of our support personnel as they are time conscious; they maintain appropriate dress code at all work sites as well as maintains complete confidentiality regarding all information relating to the individuals and families served and the business of the organization.

Dominion Consult is a member, an affiliate and/or a training partner of the following institutions

  • Dominion College Of Business, Health And Technology Inc
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Safe Management Group
  • Crisis Prevention & Intervention Institute
  • Ontario Association of Developmental Disabilities (OADD)
  • College of Nurses, Ontario

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